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CEZANNE Eyebrow Coat Ex 5.5ml (眉毛定型液)

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Multi-proof that is resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing. Since it has a prescription that adheres firmly to the skin and quick-drying, eyebrow powder does not easily bleed.

How to use: After making eyebrows, take a small amount with a brush and apply lightly by tracing. Do not touch or rub it until it is dry.

含有16種美容精華,多重防護 防水、抗汗、抗搓揉上健身房、游泳、日常瀏海摩擦都不怕脫妝。快乾、附著力高,不易造成眉粉脫落,畫好眉型立即定妝。 10mm扁平刷頭,刷毛軟硬度適中,能沾取足夠液體易於上妝不破壞眉妝。 無香料、無化學色素、無礦物油、無清潔劑 。

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